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07/06/2024 Rediscovering your music as I sift through my vinyl and struck by the timeless brilliance of your work. You live on through your music and your family. Never forgotten. RIP Mick.

Ege Bora Yıldırım

16/05/2024 Rest in Peace LEGEND.

Patrick Furporer

23/03/2024 Le meilleur bassiste de sa génération, un style musical très caractéristique du même niveau qu'un maitre de la peinture qui apposerait sa touche à une peinture pour lui donner de la substance. Son talent me manque beaucoup. Repose en paix.

Nigel Goodwin

13/03/2024 Such a creative genius of a man. I admired his basslines on Numan's Dance album of 1981. Sublime music. My favourite track for Mick's bass on that album was Slowcar to China. I'd love to see the musical score for that!!! R.I.P.LMIck Karn. Sadly missed.


29/02/2024 Thank you for this opportiunity for say thank you Mick for everything you gave to me. The inspiration will never leave. The beauty is forever. The juxtaposition is truly beguiling, bemusing, and ultimately everything. Love is all have to give, I hope it's enough.... xxx

Henk van der Velde

09/02/2024 Secretly my not knowing bassist of all times. I was a Japan fan from day 1 untill the very end. Now, 2024 I realize I miss the sounds you have made and shaped my thoughts and being. Thanks and more.


11/01/2024 Sitting here with tears in my eyes after reading the biography, much of which I was already familiar with having been a huge admirer of Mick since Japan. Truth be told, he is my favourite bass player of all time and he still blows my 65 year old mind with his incredibly original style.


06/01/2024 I'd like to thank you personally for all the positive (and weird) emotions of your job, I'd take a plane tomorrow! Unfortunately, it is not possible to convey my affection to you. I imagine you and Pastorius arguing about which riff to use, I imagine you serene, smiling and rhythmic. Don't rest in peace, keep on producing genius things man.

Sandra Nicholls

06/01/2024 I saw you once pass by my school in Marylebone, circa 80's. I wish I could have told you what a fan I was. I'm still enjoying your creativity and thinking of you at this time.

Reese F.

05/01/2024 Thank you Mick for expressing yourself through music and art. Thank you for being relentlessly different and delving into your imagination and soul and bringing it to life for all to hear and see. You are deeply missed. Without a doubt you and your music will continue to inspire and encourage others to do the same. All the love and peace to you and your family and friends


04/01/2024 Mick, I almost forgot today was the anniversary of your death. A long time ago, when I saw you coming out of the back door of the HMV building in Niigata City, I regretted not being able to say hello to you.


04/01/2024 Special memories of the early 80s listening and then - finally - getting to see Japan at Lancaster Uni on their farewell tour. Down at the front I was determined to stretch out when Mick was close and I just and so managed to touch his knee... and get a big grin from him as I jubilantly jumped up and down, waving at him, yelling his name! RIP Mick and hope that today especially, and every day, your family, friends and fans remember you with a smile xx


03/01/2024 Still remembering - love xx

Robert Lester

25/12/2023 I put a message on this page on Christmas Day last year and I'm doing it again today. I was lucky enough to see Japan play live 20 times between 1980 and 1982. I went to see them play in Sheffield, Leicester, Birmingham as well as all over London. My favourite Japan gig was at the Rock City Nottingham in May 1981. We were right at the front, up against the stage, the music and the show was great and I managed to take some lovely photos of Mick, some of which I still have today. Watching David, Richard and Steve was always great, but my attention was often focussed just on Mick as he was so unique in every way. His style, his clothes and of course his amazing bass playing, it was hard to take your eyes off him. Like all of you, I will never forget seeing Mick glide across the stage as he was playing and I will also never forget his small clap towards the end of The Art Of Parties, something I always used to look forward to at all their gigs. Another thing I will never forget is how Mick almost missed his cue at their last song at their last ever gig at the Hammersmith Odeon in November 1982. He only just about got there in time as the music started. Ten years later in 1992, I was lucky enough to meet Mick after a gig at The Grand Theatre in Clapham. Mick, Steve and Richard had played with a band called No Man and Mick was going to walk right past me and of course I had to say Hello. We must have talked for about ten minutes, mainly about his time in Japan and it was, and still is, one of the most amazing experiences in my whole life. He was a very kind man and he is sadly missed by all of us.


29/11/2023 You were amazing bass player which added magic to music.