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06/06/2023 I was recalling my memories of being at a Japan concert at Colsten Hall in Bristol in 1981 (I believe ) to my husband just this Sunday, and in particular, Mick Karn’s stage presence. I will always remember that. I was just looking up information about him and gasped when I read that he has sadly passed - far to young. That is sad. Reading other people’s messages, his memory lives on.

Eden Noelle S.

01/06/2023 I'm only 13, but let me tell you how much I love this man. Mick Karn is absolutely brilliant, his biography is so impressive, it's amazing all the things he accomplished in his life. His work with Japan, Dalis Car, other artists, and even individually is fantastic. His bass playing skills are unmatched, especially considering fretless. I believe he's the best bassist of all time, but you don't have to listen to my opinion when it should be quite obvious just how talented he is. I've just bought a bass guitar, it's all from Mick's beautiful and melodic playing that got me interested. Don't get me started on his sculptures. If I ever became rich one day, the first thing I would do is buy all and display them in a dedicated museum-like room of my house. He also seemed like such a sweet guy, I wish I could have met him. I've never heard anything problematic about him either, he was just a genuine and cool person. Nobody compares to you, Mick. You will be missed. x Love you


27/05/2023 Whenever I dive into my past and make it my present, Japan and Mick Karn are there. The most evocative musician I have ever heard. An inspiration in his time, sorrowfully too short. Never forgotten.

Mark Perrins

22/05/2023 Quiet life was the first time I heard the bass guitar. Whilst other early teens played air guitar, I played air fretless bass. When I eventually got a real bass, it was, of course a fretless. Now I volunteer at two local schools hoping to inspire young people towards a lifetime of playing music, just as Mick inspired me. His inspiration lives on.


22/05/2023 Mick had a stage presence- so cool and his bass playing was genius ❤️ never forgotten


02/05/2023 Feeling a huge sense of loss right now having rediscovered Mick's fantastic talent, a genius who will never be forgotten. Thinking of his family, friends and global fan group x

paul evans

29/04/2023 I played in quite a few bands myself and some session work not going into it ,mick to me was the most unique ev inventive. paul.


21/04/2023 Occasionally I hear a track and think "that must be Mick Karn". Invariably it's a guest appearance - so distinctive.


17/04/2023 I'm listening to "Polytown" with Terry Bozzio and David Torn again. Great playing, Mick.


13/04/2023 your music and you are unforgotten...


07/02/2023 Sad you are no longer with us; but happy to see how many people are still listening to your music and learning from your playing!


03/02/2023 I don't think anyone's music has ever impacted me in such a heart wrenching manner and I yearn for the experience I never had in meeting him, and I pray he rests well because I don't go a day without listening to his basslines. It's so very heartwarming to read the stories of others meeting him or seeing him and just being bedazzled by the presence of a musician and *person* they look up to. Just a wonderful person and I wish Kyoko and her family well.


29/01/2023 Despite knowing who he is for a couple of years, I've only recently become acquainted with Mick's work. I absolutely adore his bass playing. I truly think he's one of the most unique artists I've listened to. Rest easy.


17/01/2023 12 years have passed and Mick is missed by so many. I was only 13 when I saw him gliding across the stage playing bass only the way Mick could. Gone, but never ever forgotten by all who’s lives he touched in some way. ❤️

Polly Bell

11/01/2023 Well, it's now 2023 and you're loss is still with us all , you were one of a kind there will be no other. But your music live on and so will you memory. Rest well. x