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15/06/2022 Mick got to me when I was 16 (1979) I ripped the frets off my old Woolworths bass and I soared like a bird.Thank you Mick, I'll always love you man.

paul evans

03/06/2022 I was from an early age an admirer and avid follower of japans music and although a drummer and played many times on the circuits and also with some quite famous bands and some session work Mick always was unique and great performer ,I will never forget when i saw them live at Hammersmith Odeon as it was then when he glided across the stage. All my love and fondest to you. Paul.


03/06/2022 thank you for everything. over the last current months you've inspired me so much, and i've begun to look up to you as a person. thank you


02/05/2022 I'm only 20 now and I still have a lot of questions about the world. I've always been fascinated by music and have only recently discovered Mick's work. Understanding how passionate he was about his work has given me a lot of inspiration. I find peace when listening to his music and hope I can one day be as excellent as this man was. I'm not one to idolise people, but Mick deserves all the respect and recognition he gets.


30/04/2022 Αγαπητέ μου Mick, σε αγαπώ και μου λείπεις….


29/04/2022 Thank you Mick for sharing your talents with the world. Your playing and creativity has inspired many memories and ideas. I hope wherever you are you are peaceful and delighted by the fact that so many people still think of you fondly.

mystic lady art

12/04/2022 still inspiring ...........


30/03/2022 Still the greatest bass player ever.

Stefano Panunzi

30/03/2022 A tender thought...


15/03/2022 Very few musicians achieve their own voice on their instrument like Mick Karn did. It's the holy grail. Most settle for being an imitation of one of two others. I wish he'd lived longer to do collaborations with some other great musicians. Taken far too soon.


11/03/2022 Mick's so unique and inspiring!


02/03/2022 Living in the USA, I enjoy getting the DJ at parties to play some Japan songs. Most people have never heard a Japan song. But once they have heard something like Quiet Life, they are fans. I love having people listen for Mick's unique bass in some of the songs. RIP Mick, gone but never forgotten.

Eric Lindsey

14/02/2022 I think of Mick often. His So organic, authentic, original. I had the tiniest of encounters with Mick. I sent him a letter, he sent a kind one back. I read his biography, I was touched. In it he wrote something akin to "It is a difficult thing to be both very intelligent and very sensitive." So many of us can relate. I rejoice that I lived in the time of a Mick Karn.

Alan r

06/02/2022 Just watching videos of old, from Japan , to the duet with Bowie,s ex on the tube, what an amazing musician you were , so proud to of been a fan of yours, rest peacefully x


04/01/2022 Remembering Mick - love and peace.