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04/01/2021 10 years ago today you left us, Mick. I have been listening to your weird and wondrous sounds for most of my life. I miss your playful and inventive bass lines and melodies. You have given us much to savor in Japan, JBK, solo word, and collaborations and sessions. You inspired me to make my own music. I feel blessed that I was able to see you play live twice! Once with David Torn and once with JBK. If you listen to the JBK performance at the London Astoria of Japan's Life Without Buildings, you can faintly hear the audience chanting the one line of the song (I see nothing...but I hear everything in my building). I was there in audience singing along, Mick. May your sculptural music continue to move people and change their lives as it has mine. Thank you again, Adonis (Mick). Peace.

Keiko Kurata

04/01/2021 Dearest Mick It’s been 10 years since you were gone ....but I still can’t believe it if you were in London ,I’m in Japan.... Today We are thinking of you everywhere in the world ❤️ Steve gave me a picture of you and Métis , Rob wrote a memory of spending time with you when Rob and You were in London back in 80’s and Richard posted your natural life pictures ❤️ We miss you and never forget you ❤️ See you in the future one day Love you, Mick Annie xxx


04/01/2021 Thinking of you as always and especially of your beautiful family and loved ones today, Mick. Your light grows ever brighter with each new life that discovers your music, art & energy. Love you & thank you with all my heart, Pen xxx


03/01/2021 I cannot believe it's now 10 years since Mick's passing, it only seems like yesterday. My thoughts are with him in the other dimension and his loved ones here this side, in particular his wife and son.

Moshe Levin

16/11/2020 Mick's bass playing and music is an escape for me from the toils of every day life. At day I am a finance guy but the electric guitar is my second profession and passion. Every time I get tired of listening to regular styles of music that I usually enjoy I draw back to Dali's Car, Japan, Gary Numan and other of Mick's immensely creative bass playing which is like nothing else. I have listened to great bass players like Jaco Pastorius, bass players from Spain who play Flamenco, Wilbur Bascomb, James Jameson, Pino Palladino and others. Mick's playing is different - it is elaborate, complex and beautifully melodic on one hand but on the other hand his playing comes from the "gutter" the underground so to speak. It is like nothing else - it is as if he owes nothing to no one but himself, his style is unique. I really wish he were still with us today - perhaps even living in Cyrpus which is not far from the country I live in. On Saturday I came across Mick's first solo album from 82 - damn what a great album. Mick you are a true inspiration, original and one of a kind.


06/11/2020 his bass and his music was a huge infuence one of the best bass gutarist of my generation and precussionist all you have to do i listern to canton and senstive my older aunties lived in london and sent me japan and bauhaus and told not to listern to chart shite what luck miss him amd his tunes love always

Beatrice D

03/11/2020 Mick's music was a true blessing from my late teens onwards. A major influence in my musical tastes and broadened my mind and horizon. The vibes released from his music had a mega healing factor through all of my struggles and hurt. Thank you for being in my lifetime! Rest in peace beautiful soul!

Paul Dekker

03/11/2020 Just discovered the video of Mick playing with Midge, Phil and Pete in Let my Live Open the Door. Mick steals the performance. Never saw Mick before. Unbelievable magic!

Craig Snyder

27/10/2020 Japan was the first band that I could call my own -i discovered the album obscure alternatives at a local record store in 1979 when I was 15 . When I realized that it was their second album I was so happy to discover that they had another album before it.the music on adolescent sex was a masterpiece Of funk rock glam fusion alternative all mixed together literally held together with micks ingenious and inventive bass playing . it was so eclectic compared to the dinosaur rock of the time period and I so loved the sounds on those first two albums . I loved all the old stuff That I found from going through my older brothers record collection like Zepplin Bowie and the Beatles etc but Japan was the first band that I discovered on my own and no one had even heard of them at the time. They looked so beautiful and sounded like nothing I had ever heard. Micks bass playing stood out above all the other musicians I felt as it was so inventive and melodic. No one used a fretless bass the way mick could .Not like any other contemporary bassist Of the time. And his look !! No eyebrows -he was so cool ! Much love and appreciation to mick and his family.

Andre Quekel

26/10/2020 I guess I bought the record Titles in the eighties and loved instantly. My younger brother was a devoted Japan fan and after he died the records became mine. Loved them too. I play guitar and bass since 35 years and I love all kinds of music. But mostly the kind of music that touches the heart. Mick Karn is an example of that. Bass playing with technique without searching and finding the feeling. That's the best music for me. So thank you Mick for your musical gifts to me. Andre


02/10/2020 Mick Still I can’t believe you are not with us...I really want to see you again Your 10th anniversary is in next year ...I will ask as many people as possible to get messages how much we miss you ... I hope you will see it from where you are .... Miss you and miss your play .....miss your smiles


18/09/2020 I just turned some kid who had never heard of you onto your work. You blew his hair back. Making sure you're never forgotten, one kid at a time. I'm sorry we lost you so soon, but incredibly grateful you were here. Thanks for all the ear candy.

Colin Albright

15/09/2020 I'm always amazed that there has never been a TV documentary about Mick's life and times... He was an iconic Bass player..., forget all the rest..., they were just copying someone else.., he was a giant in a world of average uninspired bass players... His style was totally unique..., just brilliant... What a talent..., taken so early from us..


09/09/2020  i miss you Mick.


25/07/2020 happy birthday yesterday was goodday?