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06/12/2022 We'll never forget you


24/11/2022 really im just back again to say I hear his bass lines day and night. at the risk of sounding like an overbearing fan, i obtained his autobio as well and am reading through it slowly but surely. he has impacted me in a way no other musician has or will. thank you again.

Debra Warren

15/10/2022 Hi I hope this message finds you and your family well. I just wanted to send my thanks to Mick and the music that I loved back in the eighties in my teenage years and his incredible fretless bass lines that I’m finding I’m listening to again and again recently. The music that Mick and the rest of the band in Japan created was mesmerising then and still is today, possibly more so. I will never forget my first ever gig at Newcastle city Hall and watch Mick float across the stage with his bass! Just an incredible talent which makes me so sad to think he’s no longer with us. Reliving his music and my amazing memories from back in the day and wanted to send my love and best wishes. Thanks so much x

Alessandro Sandrini

09/10/2022 We Miss Mick


24/09/2022 I just wanted to thank mick for his contribution to the world of music and arts, even though he is no longer with us his artistic legacy lives on. he is one of the most inspiring musicians and creatives I have ever discovered. I have never connected with an artist in such a way before but mick's incredible music always fascinates and captivates me, his visual style throughout the decades has always been a subject of beauty, and there is absolutely no artist I owe more of a debt to, for his effect on my own style, music, and life. his fusion of ethnic music with pop and his creative talent is as interesting and relevant today as the day it was released. I send my love to the family and friends of mick, he was truly a unique individual, and I'm sure a joy to know personally, which I wish I could've.


18/09/2022 your music means the world to me, I just know you’re resting well and I hope everything is good for your family. I’m sure you already know how magnificent he is, but it can’t be said enough. thank you Mick


12/09/2022 oh mick, how i wish i could have known about you sooner. I wish i could have seen him perform live, and i wish he'd had more time to spend doing what he loved; to compose, to sculpt, to perform. It feels silly, but his music means so much to me. Truly an underrated and lovely musician, and i hope that one day in the future, the entire world will recognize his brilliancy because he truly was ahead of his time.


18/08/2022 One of probably countless messages to say that Mick Karn and his bass guitar sound were Japan's signature. He was the coolest geezer in the band. I wasn't allowed to shave my eyebrows off. I was only 14 years old. Everyone thinks it was about David Sylvian but for me and a generation of us knew it was Mick Karn and his genius. Rest well you absolute legend.


17/08/2022 Thanks for all the great music Mick. Miss you and get great inspiration from all the great songs made over the years, solo and with bands. The music sings from your bass and it's a joyous sound.


11/08/2022 Mick Karn was in the same "club" as Jimi Hendrix, Django Reinhardt and Jaco. Where they took an old instrument and created a new world order with it. Mick bass lines are etched crystalline into my heart and soul forever. Αγάπη μου.


31/07/2022 I still play In Vogue , Otherside of Life today , the man lines were sublime. Life can be cruel and Mick was unparalleled and inspirational. Does anyone now what happened to his Wal bass? Simple Thank You is not enough.

Michael R

27/07/2022 Such an inspiration to my ham-fisted fretless bass playing back in the 1980s. Mick’s work lived on as “The Sound of Waves” echoed its nautical bassy brilliance throughout my wedding reception in Sep 2019. Not the best dance number, but the sound of this reverberating around the building (coincidentally a former home of Mike Oldfield) whilst guests mingled was a high spot of the wedding day. One of my favourite musical works and strangely unknown.

Arion Salazar

25/07/2022 Happy birthday Mick!! Thank you for so much beautiful music inspiration. I hope you and yours have a rockin good year.


24/07/2022 Happy birthday, Mick! Your music is still here, in my mind, in my soul.

David Price

09/07/2022 Relax, and swing.