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13/04/2023 your music and you are unforgotten...


07/02/2023 Sad you are no longer with us; but happy to see how many people are still listening to your music and learning from your playing!


03/02/2023 I don't think anyone's music has ever impacted me in such a heart wrenching manner and I yearn for the experience I never had in meeting him, and I pray he rests well because I don't go a day without listening to his basslines. It's so very heartwarming to read the stories of others meeting him or seeing him and just being bedazzled by the presence of a musician and *person* they look up to. Just a wonderful person and I wish Kyoko and her family well.


29/01/2023 Despite knowing who he is for a couple of years, I've only recently become acquainted with Mick's work. I absolutely adore his bass playing. I truly think he's one of the most unique artists I've listened to. Rest easy.


17/01/2023 12 years have passed and Mick is missed by so many. I was only 13 when I saw him gliding across the stage playing bass only the way Mick could. Gone, but never ever forgotten by all who’s lives he touched in some way. ❤️

Polly Bell

11/01/2023 Well, it's now 2023 and you're loss is still with us all , you were one of a kind there will be no other. But your music live on and so will you memory. Rest well. x


07/01/2023 Another year passes but the memories still remain - with love xx


06/01/2023 Still can’t quite believe you are no more … I watch the Japan videos and get so emotional seeing your genius …. Thank you, as always, for the music and sheer class artist that you simply were x

Alexandra Ruby

05/01/2023 I hope Mick and his family know how loved and remembered he continues to be 12 years after his untimely death. Across the globe people of all ages are still discovering his art which I find comforting whenever I think of the magnitude of his loss. What a tremendous person he was and what a joy it is to continue to appreciate his legacy. Thank you for keeping this forum up and running.


04/01/2023 Miss you Mick ❤️


01/01/2023 Had the chance to meet Mick in 1982. He was very kind and took time to sign some stuff and chat a little. He is not only missed for his great artistic talents but also for the compassion and kindness he showed to others. All of us, the fans, Mick's family and ex-fellow musicians, should therefore celebrate his life. So why not announce a yearly get together at the Argyll Arms (upstairs in the Palladium Bar) in London on the 4th January (his anniversary)? If anyone would like to join in for a drink and a chat this time round, see you there at 8pm.


25/12/2022 I was lucky enough to meet Mick at a No Man gig in 1992. The gig had finished, it had been great to see Mick, Richard and Steve play live again and I was just finishing off my drink. The house lights came on and suddenly I noticed a man walking in my direction, he wasn't coming to see me, but he was just walking in my direction. I looked up and I thought no, it can't be, but it was, it was Mick just walking through the now disappearing crowd. Mick had been my musical hero for many years, I had been to see Japan play 20 times and I thought to myself I just can't let him walk past without saying Hello or something. As he walked past me I said Hi Mick, and then I spoke to him for about 10 minutes and I have absolutely no idea what we spoke about, I have never been star struck before, but I was then. Mick was really kind to talk with me and I wish we could have gone for a drink somewhere, I had so many things I wish I had said to him. I would have loved to talk about his time in Japan, still one of the best bands I have ever seen live. I still miss Mick gliding across the stage playing his bass, he was great to watch.

Trigger X

10/12/2022 I had the pleasure of meeting Mick when I was working in Camden Market in 1993. He was kind enough to spend some time talking and discussing music and art with me. It was not a case of a crazy fanboi sucking up to his hero just one player to another. I remember he was very pleasant and patient with my questions and wished me all the very best, no hurry just a relaxed presence. This morning I was thinking about him and I don't think that I will ever forget the fortuitous encounter with someone who, without question, was very influential on my thinking and playing. Thanks very much.


06/12/2022 We'll never forget you


24/11/2022 really im just back again to say I hear his bass lines day and night. at the risk of sounding like an overbearing fan, i obtained his autobio as well and am reading through it slowly but surely. he has impacted me in a way no other musician has or will. thank you again.