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03/09/2021 I would like to express my condolences to the family and friends of Mick Karn ,who's life was cut short by the silent killer called cancer. I ,like many,many other fans of original musicians of the eighties was in awe of his amazing musical talents . His bass-playing is so distinctive and it will be discovered by many more people in years to come. I encourage my son's and their friends to listen to his music .I am sure that many others do the same. Music is, and always will be a major part of my life because it can change my emotions instantly. God bless. Gary.

Anthony Quinn

24/07/2021 Happy Birthday Mick .. Thank you for you music and talent .

Nic Celini

24/07/2021 Happy birthday man. Cheers for the memories. Bruno x

ashleigh jones

23/07/2021 Happy birthday to this talented and sweet guy .. We all miss you but the party has started over on Team Mick Karn (on facebook) Thinking of his family and friends We are here to celebrate you ♡

Frankie ♤

18/07/2021 Your music brought me through the worst point of my life. I am forever in your debt. Love you Mick.

Juliano Modesto

03/07/2021 Karn 4ever!!! The best artist!!!


01/07/2021 Mick is undoubtedly one of the most unique and boldly original artists that ever lived. i feel nothing but complete astonishment when i listen to his playing, and that feeling never diminishes. i wish i could personally tell him how his work, across music and sculpture, is endlessly inspiring to me, but the fact that i live on the same planet that he did is good enough consolation.

Erika Weisbrich

21/05/2021 I want to honor the memory of an enthralling and talented musician whose legacy will endure. Best wishes to his family, gratitude to his supporters and fans.


08/05/2021 I was always in complete awe of Mick and his fret bass/saxophone playing talent. I adored Japan as an 11 year old, on a journey discovering my own musical taste. Then later, Mick’s solo and collaborative material. He was an incredible talent and sorely missed. I thought I’d write a message here, as I’ve had a Mick Karn day today, listening to a lot of his music and I just cannot believe it’s been 10 years since he left. What a legacy. Best regards to Mick’s family.

Trevor White

16/04/2021 I can't believe its 10 year since Mick passed. Whenever my music is playing random tracks, Mick and his music and that of Japan comes back to which is a blessing. I recently bought one of Steve pictures of Mick which has pride of place at home. Sorely missed and never forgotten.

Frank Mankyboddle

07/03/2021 The death of Mick Karn in 2011 was one of the saddest news from the music world in my life-time. And I only heard about it a few years after it happened. That wasn't just sad but irritating... Mick Karn's bass playing was some of the most beautiful I've heard. "Sons of Pioneers" rivets my ears to the speakers even today. My band even covered one of his solo productions: "Saviour ar you with me"... And "Tin Drum" was the album that inspired the founding concept for my band "The Sweets of Sin". I'm very thankful for this inspiration... Frank


26/02/2021 A pure artist, bass player, and man. With maximum respect and love.


29/01/2021 Mick - You will never be forgotten, Your fretless bass sound is a pure art, like any other activities You've done. I will always spread this fact among my friends.


05/01/2021 Mick, you’ll never be forgotten in our hearts. Love and peace.


04/01/2021 10 years ago today you left us, Mick. I have been listening to your weird and wondrous sounds for most of my life. I miss your playful and inventive bass lines and melodies. You have given us much to savor in Japan, JBK, solo word, and collaborations and sessions. You inspired me to make my own music. I feel blessed that I was able to see you play live twice! Once with David Torn and once with JBK. If you listen to the JBK performance at the London Astoria of Japan's Life Without Buildings, you can faintly hear the audience chanting the one line of the song (I see nothing...but I hear everything in my building). I was there in audience singing along, Mick. May your sculptural music continue to move people and change their lives as it has mine. Thank you again, Adonis (Mick). Peace.