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Joel McIver

07/03/2019 Hi there, feel free to share this interview I did with Mick for Bass Guitar magazine in 2003. Cheers Joel

Gilbert B

17/02/2019 Good morning, Just wanted to share a thought. I've listened to Japan, after discovering them in 2007, for 12 years now. I was 24 then, and it's changed my perception of what music was, is, and can be. Micks bsss playing style was the first of its kind that I had ever heard and I couldn't stop listening. I haven't gotten into his other works as deep aside from "Sensitive" and his work with Peter Murphy in Dali's Car, but wanted to share a mutual love that we all have for his contributions to the art of Parties. May he continue to rest in peace and shine eternally. Cheers from Texas and I'll spend a good portion of this Sunday listening to Japan. Take care everyone.

Susan Taylor

07/02/2019 I am sad that you are gone, but very glad I had the wonderful privilege of meeting and spending time with you. When I had heard that you had passed in 2011, I thought about the fun night in London in October 1988 we spent together along with my friend Cassandra who I was visiting in London at the time. I loved your band "Japan" long before we ever met, your work with David Sylvian forever affecting and shaping the soundtrack, fashion and and inspiration of my youth. The rare chance of being on the same flight NY to London and exchanging numbers in the baggage pick up and then following through to meet up and go out all night to Boy George's brother's private club and back to your place just down the street from a friend's flat that coincidentally I had run into in the tube all the way from Aspen, Colorado, was indeed was one of my greatest traveling memories, ever! Lucky me. Lucky all of us who's ears were graced by your talent. We all eventually leave this world but not everyone leaves a legacy of art and 52 was just too young to go, as I am sure you had so much more to create. From one dreaming New Romantic to another, "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream". See you there.

Gian Cristiano Gnalducci

20/08/2018 Hello, I would just like to write my testimony in saying I am happy to have seen and heard Mick live in concert at the Teatro Puccini in Florence during the Italian tour of “The Tooth Mother”. I was in the front row and still remember the feeling of having one of my myths in front of me, so much so that I'm sure that mick noticed my moment of contemplation, because more than once, crossing our eyes, he smiled at me...... or more likely he had a smile for this boy (at the time I was 25) who was watching him with great satisfaction. It was a fantastic performance and it is a Memory that has Great Value for me. Thank You Mick, Rest In Peace. Gian Cristiano Gnalducci


24/07/2018 I always like very much. Happy birthday, Mick (^^)


19/06/2018 I play bass since I was 15 (I'm 26 now) and the first time I heard Mick Karn's unique way of playin' was when I was 18 Im born chilean but live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Since I was 17 I came here alone and not only for the creative way of singin' and songwriting of David Sylvian I was crushed when I heard "Ghosts" of the Tin Drum album but when I heard "Methods of dance" I couldn't believe what I was hearing I thought that I've never listen to anything like that before, that growl that bending notes that jumping fingers on the fret I can't believe that like, 60% of the bassists of the world never heard of Mick Karn and I can't stop listening and learning from his unique style I can't stop thinking what kind of music he could do if he were alive right now he bring me so much joy thanks Mick Karn thanks for so much of u in the world sorry for my bad english, im not used to write in these language.

Sam Lewis Jones

12/04/2018 The world is lesser without you in it Mick. Having recently read his autobiography, I found out that we have both lived at Baker Street in London in one time or another. It made me feel privileged to know that I walked on the same ground as the legendary Mick Karn. From his book, I am aware that Mick doesn't buy into the whole mania of stardom, and tries his best to let people know that he is just a person like everybody else. This humbleness is exactly why I'd like to refer to him as a legend, it's that level-headed and down to earth nature. Mick is one of those people you don't need to meet to know he is special. His drive and unique playing style, and his smiling demeanor while on stage lets us know that he is a very rare type of person. He shines with a certain warmth while bringing us those crazy basslines. Mick Karn is proof that life is not 'fair' as he was taken from the world far too early. However, he is here. I am thinking of him pretty much daily as I listen to his music - I am sure others are too. That's 'here' in the sense he would like to be the most, through his music. His inspiration will live on in the music of others, and their music will lead people back to him, and people will have the pleasure of discovering him for 100's, if not 1000's of years to come. I hear the word 'a true original' in reference to him a lot, and I can't come up with a more fitting title. Thanks to you Mick, I now favor the fretless bass over the regular bass in my band, and I will be covering your song 'Back in the Beginning' with my band, and reminding people of you from years to come. Thank you for your playing, you have driven me onward many a time. Sam

A new fan

15/01/2018 Mick was a true creative and musical genius with a mesmerising style who I have only just discovered by coming across his former band Japan. One of the most talented bassists ever. Thank you for the cool music. Gone way too soon but never ever forgotten. RIP Mick Karn!


04/01/2018 Mick- you are not forgotten. Your music lives on and so do our memories of seeing you perform. RIP x


04/01/2018 Mick's music has been a massive part of my life since the early 80's and still moves me after all these years. I'm so very sad he's no longer with us. Sending heartfelt condolences to his family, especially today. x


04/01/2018 Never, ever forgotten <3


25/07/2017 Aaah Mick such wonderful memories, Still can't believe you're no longer around, Best wishes my friend


24/07/2017 Happy birthday, Mick! Thank you for always nice music


24/07/2017 Happy Birthday Mick, will always remember your kindness in taking the time to talk to and encourage me and everyone who were fans of your work, before you moved onward and upward. @Cosmic 69 below, not surprised there were odd occurrences. Mick's work and influence is still resounding and permeating in different places in a thousand little, subtle ways. "The song filters down, down through the clouds It reaches the earth and winds all around And then it breaks up in millions of ways And in the streets it becomes the children singing..."


23/07/2017 24 July is the Mick Karn birthday. Still listen with a lot of joy the beautifull recording that Mick made during his life. 'Sensitive', 'language of ritual', 'I never thougth', 'if you go away', 'ashes to ashes' and all those other wonderfull tracks are great to hear. in our hearts you are still with us.