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29/07/2016 Stanotte ti ho sognato. Ho sognato che eri il mio insegnante di scultura e controllavi i miei lavori in creta, compreso il tuo ritratto che ho realizzato. Era strano perchè tutti pensano che tu non ci sia più tra noi.. ma nel sogno tu eri li, sorridente e stranamente tranquillo. Abbiamo chiacchierato qualche ora e poi.. mi sono svegliata.


25/07/2016 Quanto avrei desiderato conoscerti... vederti realmente e poter parlare con te. Purtroppo sono molto giovane e non sono nata nei tuoi stessi anni da poter venire ad un tuo concerto.. Grazie a te trovo l'ispirazione per suonare e migliorare sempre di più con il mio sax baritono..raggiungere vette che non avrei mai pensato di varcare data la mia insicurezza. Ti ringrazio, Eleonora.


24/07/2016 Happy Birthday Mick! 大好き

Emma Brining

24/07/2016 Happy Birthday to Mick on what would have been his 58th birthday. Last night, members of the Nightporter and Japan FB groups gathered at the Retro Club to hear an October Gallery / Penguin Cafe instrumental last heard 35 years ago kindly shared by Richard Barbieri with Paul Rymer in memory of Mick Karn.

Pascal Bougeard

01/07/2016 Bonjour, à signaler un bel hommage de METRONOMY sur son dernier album avec le titre "Mick slow". J'ai tout de suite été attiré par le velouté inimitable de la basse de Mick KARN.

Steve O'Sullivan

26/03/2016 I went to see Japan three times and was wowed by their technical ability and beautiful songs. Mick's bass playing was truly unique - his style (I now realise) being influenced by his early childhood and his classical training. I also went along to his sculpture exhibition at Hamilton's Gallery and was truly impressed by his work. It was a real pleasure for me to be a part of the Japan wave of popularity when I was a teenager and my favourite moment was the gig at The Lyceum in the Strand. Steve

Elias Laurent

16/01/2016 Remembering Mick this past week and his brilliant cover of David's Ashes to Ashes. In my dream they are somewhere finally getting to play together. How can Mick ever leave my memory, his bass lines come to me randomly bubbling up in my brain, making me sing them, or his songs, and dance a little private shuffle when I need a little personal moment of arty cheering up or celebrating. What a profound artist. Love to all lovers of Mick, and his family and tribe. Namastes, e

Luca Pradelli

12/01/2016 Era da molto tempo che non ti ascoltavo più ......................e questa sera sei arrivato all'improvviso. Bellissimo!!!


04/01/2016 Remembering Mick today and sending love to all family and friends, he will never be forgotten especially with the fantastic TMK keeping his memory alive!


04/01/2016 Remembering Mick, and thinking of all his friends and family, always xxx


04/01/2016 Miss you..


04/01/2016 This year is Mick thanking you in advance, too!


04/01/2016 My tribute to Mick So many journeys, from Cyprus to England from Paris to London from Dreams to Monsters and finally, from Japan to Death. 5 years later, still in memories alone we are without you. So much you played a part in Music and Art. Many thanks again and again. We miss you. Rest in peace.


24/11/2015 You are a musician, a artist. You touched my soul Anthony Michaelides.


19/11/2015 Having a strange affinity with mick in having the same birthday and battling cancer at the same time, I feel blessed and sad at listening to Japan's songs, in the knowledge that such a talented musician can never hear his own music or the voices of his family at such a special time of the year. Rest in Peace.