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Kumiko Amino

13/06/2014 I guess I still cannot accept the fact that you are gone and that could be why I always cry when I think about you. My most favorite basist, Mick Karn. You have created your original style of playing base guitar. Love to hear your base play on stage especially. You are true artist. As long as I love you I had to deal with the pain that I lost you. These two feelings for you exist next to each other forever in my heart. Love you forever, Mick. Kumiko Amino


12/06/2014 新しいホームページ、とても素敵です! これからも楽しみにしています。 英語がんばります


11/06/2014 What a lovely site - a wonderful tribute to Mick Karn, who touched so many of our lives all over the world. His work is loved by many who can only wish they'd known personally the man who created so much Art during his lifetime. This prairie girl from Canada is one of the many. He is missed.


11/06/2014 As shown, Mick touched MANY people. I discovered him late in his career and in my life. Almost as he'd not heard Jaco til '98, I'd not heard Mick till 2011. Thank you for the new format.


11/06/2014 Mick will always be in are hearts great talent wonderful man, had so much in common with you.Got me through some crap in my life,just by listening to Japan and your amazing bass style ,wish I could afford one of your sculptors and I have a piece of you with me. One day maybe !!!!!!Ed


10/06/2014 What a beautiful new website; thank you so much for creating this for all those who loved and miss Mick.