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04/01/2016 Miss you..


04/01/2016 This year is Mick thanking you in advance, too!


04/01/2016 My tribute to Mick So many journeys, from Cyprus to England from Paris to London from Dreams to Monsters and finally, from Japan to Death. 5 years later, still in memories alone we are without you. So much you played a part in Music and Art. Many thanks again and again. We miss you. Rest in peace.


24/11/2015 You are a musician, a artist. You touched my soul Anthony Michaelides.


19/11/2015 Having a strange affinity with mick in having the same birthday and battling cancer at the same time, I feel blessed and sad at listening to Japan's songs, in the knowledge that such a talented musician can never hear his own music or the voices of his family at such a special time of the year. Rest in Peace.


06/11/2015 ...I thought if you today. I'm not sure why or what brought you to mind- but I'm glad you looked in on me. I miss you... we all miss you.

Jess Tucker

23/10/2015 Japan were the best! Saw them 3 times live, unbelievably good! Mick was a standout, superb bass, gliding across the stage. They really were ahead of their time. I close my eyes and I am there again, looking up at Mick, I still do it now. Big loss to everyone attached to him. Shine on Mick. See you in heaven.


11/10/2015 Miss you, you have a gift in music


07/08/2015 I reserved the LP! Look forward to; thank you



Richard Ryder

09/07/2015 One of the greatest bass players of all time. Part of my youth... your music lives on!

Armand D'Isselt

23/06/2015 Mick's contribution to music is eternal. He is sorely missed. Long live Mick Karn!


04/05/2015 One of the great contemporary musicians. Still can't believe he's not with us. Not a week goes by without some thought or memory of his wonderful playing entering my mind. Someone who made a difference - And certainly made my teenage years more bearable with his art.


22/04/2015 Just came across a Joan Armatrading song where Mick played bass. Outstanding job as always. Still a sort of shock to realise he is not around anymore. Luckily, his musical heritage never ends. Love you, Mick. Love to his family.

Peter Simm

23/02/2015 I remember discovering Japan aged around 14 in I am now ..Still listening to their music 30 odd years later.I have of course followed the solo careers in particular those of David and Mick.Its terribly sad that Mick is no longer with us heart goes out to his family .I loved his fretless bass...I loved his style...he was so important in Japan ..for the depth in the music ..he was unparalleled in his talent. Rest In Peace Mick x