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I will love you always xxx

alan norris


what a great new mick karn site, mick would be very proud and touched i will never forget micks music and i will always play his cds forever also i would to say hello to debi zornes if she is still involved in the mission to keep mick,s music and spirit alive



Mick ..... Your honest angular melodic style of bass playing has held a special place in my heart from when I first heard you with Japan.
Whenever I pick up a fretless bass a little bit of you without fail will creep into my playing , I just cant help it.
Thank You.



There was an amazing out-pouring of love & affection for Mick yesterday via the MK Day facebook site - so wonderful to see people from across the globe remembering Mick and talking about the positivity he brought to their lives. He is missed and loved in equal measure - always loved, never forgotten xxxx



You were a one off Mick. I can't say any more than that. Thank heavens we can still listen to your magic bass playing and marvel at it.



Some sensitive musical talents never dies... Actually, they reborn everytime when someone listen his music somewhere in the world... Happy birthday Mick Karn...

Kumiko Amino


Happy Birthday, Mick. I guess you are still age 52, handsome, well shaped , stylish and playing bass guitar. I wish you still alive and grow up togather and meet nice old grey haired Mick Karn. I'm sure you would still look good. I miss you so much. Love, forever, Mick.

Paul Jorgensen


Thank you for creating this website to honour the contributions of the late Mick Karn.

I was introduced to Japan in 81 and was fortunate to meet with Mick in Chicago when he toured with Polytown in 1994. Mick's music had a profound effect on me and I picked up the fretless because of his distinct voice on the instrument. Whilst in Chicago I took a number of photos of their performance and of he and David Torn. I sent a couple to Mick and am only to happy to see the photo of he and David on this website.

Mick, you are sorely missed

Paul J



entro con gioia nel sito dedicato a mick,un musicista,un uomo che ha saputo toccarmi nel profondo.ed è sempre dolce il ricordo di lui che mi accompagna tutti giorni <3

Paul hayes


Still very much missed. My hero.

Paul withers


Great new site and visuals. Any unreleased Karn sounds would be exciting. Love the sculptures looking like 'bones of mud'.



a kind of webpage was longtime waiting for a true great talent. Mick... Im from Turkey, your neighbour country.
I know, you were very familiar this geography's sounds... We shared same musical feelings. Your lost was deeply sad and for sure too early... Japan is still my one of fave bands from 80s, did i say im 45 years old :-) Im writing these sentences when im looking my original Steve Jansen photographs on my walls... Your photos, Mick Karn! Your and your old band mates... Rest In Peace...

Eva Natas


Wonderful HP you´ve created - best wishes

Hidetomo Hirayama


This is a great website which covers Mick's life and his works. I would like to thank people who worked hard to create this. I hope many fans, both old and new, enjoy this and explore the "one and only" creative world of MK.

Philippe Leblond


Ta musique Mick, nous manque beaucoup, ce son de basse unique a fait de toi un musicien exceptionnel, tu as créé une musique pleine de sensibilité, à chaque écoute c'est la nostalgie qui nous prend.
Il y a un vide mais ceux que tu as conquis sont fidèles et ils ne t'oublierons jamais.