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Riley Dinwiddie

06/10/2019 Mick, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I got interested in Japan in late 2016 because of a friend, and within a day of learning about the band, I was instantly drawn to you because of your musical and artistic talents, your fashion, and your personality. I've been profoundly influenced by you and your work, and as an autistic person, it became a special interest for me, that I furiously researched and consumed. Unfortunately that same year I entered an abusive relationship with a person who was able to control me by isolating me from my passions and making me feel guilt for my interests, and I locked away my feelings for the 2 years that ensued. Within the last couple of months, I finally obtained the means and the strength to leave this relationship, and I've been able to reclaim everything they took from me- most of all Japan, and you. I recently was finally able to buy your book, and have already laughed and cried so much. So much of your writing, especially your childhood, resonated deeply with me. I've dyed my hair like yours (one side red/pink, the other black), contemplated shaving my eyebrows (although I know this isn't a particularly smart idea), been collecting leopard prints to wear, and learning how to play bass. I know I've never met you, and will never know you personally, but I feel like you are watching over me in some way. I want you to know that you are still inspiring so many young people, such as myself and my friends, who gush over your talent daily. I get so excited sharing your performances and your work with everyone around me, because they mean so much to me. At the time of writing this, I have just turned 23, and it still shakes me that at this age, you were recording Tin Drum, and some of my favorite basslines ever. Listening to your music, especially your solo work, comforts me deeply, and I wish you could have been fairly compensated for all the hard work and innovation you did. You have done so much for me without even trying to. Thank you for inspiring a young weird kid like me, and helping me feel okay with being different, and being passionate about music and art. I hope to someday finally meet you and thank you for being such a positive force in my life. Team Mick Karn Forever, Riley/Ozzie <3

Daniel Brooksbank

26/09/2019 I grew up with Japan and *that* sound and Mick Karn is so much missed. It grieves me that such a talent had such a short life but also one must appreciate the joy that he brought to so many. A life well lived, I hope. It seemed so ephemeral at the time -- I was a student and had no concept of the the future life I would lead. But this has stood the test of time, but it's more than that: it's an attitude, a sense of... daring, of possibility, of individuality. Now I am a little bit older and can put all this is into context. This music is something I always go back to; I can't believe how enduring it is. My thoughts are with all of you. Daniel

Peter Anderson

09/09/2019 Awesome bass player!


31/08/2019 I was 1st introduced to Mick via Dalis Car's debut album..which I purchased based purely on the cover. I was mesmerized by Karn's playing and how wonderfully it blended with Peter Murphy's vocals. Through the years I encountered Karn's musical genius again again. I was lulled into a sense of wonderment as his fluid and silky bass lines morphed in and out of ambiguity on David Torn's "Lion of Boaz". His distinguishable yet never predictable playing with Japan, his work with Torn and Bozzio, the Jansen/Babieri collaborations, his eclectic solo work, all of it..amazing, sweet, organic, beautiful. He is a unique voice in music which continues to inspire me as a musician and as an artist.

Michele Dall'Ara

24/07/2019 Hello! I would like to post here today, on Mick's birthday anniversary. No need t say Mick will be missed so much... still it is so hard for me to think he passed away. I am so fond of his music and when i listen to his songs, well, my problems disappears in the background and i think i am very lucky i have the chance to enjoy his artistic work. Thank you very much, Mick! I miss you so much! Michele from Italy

Wilma Zilver

15/07/2019 You are the best Bass player ever, Mick. An Icon, your music, talented in so many instruments. Also an Icon in fashion, your style and looks. Forever in my heart.


09/07/2019 Thank you so much Mick. I am 18, and have just picked up the bass guitar thanks to your inspirational playing. You had such a wonderful style and I am sad that I was too late to see you perform. I will remember you forever, and I will celebrate your music for as long as I am alive.


07/07/2019 Hello, nice to meet you. I am posting from Japan. There are still some parts that I cannot speak English, so I will write them in Japanese. 私がミックさんを知ったのは2年ぐらい前、19歳ぐらいの時でした。たまたま、インターネットで他のことを調べたら偶然、ミックさんやJAPANが関連に出てきました。興味本位でそのまま、調べてたり聴いたりしていくうちにどんどん、魅了されていき、いつしかはミックさんみたいにベース弾いてみたい! そう思うようになっていきました。 ミックさんや、ミックさんのベースにとても感謝しています。ありがとうございます。 偶然でもミックさんの音楽に出会えたことに。 ミックさんのご家族の方、ご友人の方々 暑い日々が続くと思いますが、お体お大事にして下さい。

Marc Paxton

26/06/2019 I am kind of an oldster, late to Mick Karn’s game, one eye on my own horizon. I found a few copies, Rain Tree Crow, JBK; then I obtained ‘the book.’ Persisting on to finding more in MK’s solo repertoire, I find I have quite much of it now. I kept thinking along the way, “that’s probably it,” but each time, each album, each listen there was something still, musically, emotionally (emotively), that drew me still farther along his apparent travels; his Path. So this public note simply pays my own private homage to a singularly interesting man, musician, human traveler - possibly much more so in his instance, these are all inseparable. So I very much appreciate Mick Karn and I extend my well wishes to his own spirit, to his family and to his bandmates then and now. Peace.

Anthony Goldthorpe

16/06/2019 Hi. Its a quiet ,sunny, still morning here in Yorkshire and been the obsessive music lover I am, headphones on and playing some of my favourite tracks from the years gone by I was reminded of Micks brilliance once again . I have the track sensitive playing through my headphones listening to every note Mick is playing its so relaxing . Thanks Mick for giving us the enjoyment of your wonderful talent . God bless .


31/03/2019 Fine new interview with Steve Jansen, who speaks about his relationship with Mick:


30/03/2019 I really miss him a lot... wish I could see him playing the bass in the flesh..

Joel McIver

07/03/2019 Hi there, feel free to share this interview I did with Mick for Bass Guitar magazine in 2003. Cheers Joel

Gilbert B

17/02/2019 Good morning, Just wanted to share a thought. I've listened to Japan, after discovering them in 2007, for 12 years now. I was 24 then, and it's changed my perception of what music was, is, and can be. Micks bsss playing style was the first of its kind that I had ever heard and I couldn't stop listening. I haven't gotten into his other works as deep aside from "Sensitive" and his work with Peter Murphy in Dali's Car, but wanted to share a mutual love that we all have for his contributions to the art of Parties. May he continue to rest in peace and shine eternally. Cheers from Texas and I'll spend a good portion of this Sunday listening to Japan. Take care everyone.

Susan Taylor

07/02/2019 I am sad that you are gone, but very glad I had the wonderful privilege of meeting and spending time with you. When I had heard that you had passed in 2011, I thought about the fun night in London in October 1988 we spent together along with my friend Cassandra who I was visiting in London at the time. I loved your band "Japan" long before we ever met, your work with David Sylvian forever affecting and shaping the soundtrack, fashion and and inspiration of my youth. The rare chance of being on the same flight NY to London and exchanging numbers in the baggage pick up and then following through to meet up and go out all night to Boy George's brother's private club and back to your place just down the street from a friend's flat that coincidentally I had run into in the tube all the way from Aspen, Colorado, was indeed was one of my greatest traveling memories, ever! Lucky me. Lucky all of us who's ears were graced by your talent. We all eventually leave this world but not everyone leaves a legacy of art and 52 was just too young to go, as I am sure you had so much more to create. From one dreaming New Romantic to another, "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream". See you there.