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13/03/2020 Had forgotten him a bit, just came across him again on Spotify. He was really a bass player giant. Have several CDs of his somewhere in the attic. Go play them again. Too bad he's not there anymore. Could have given us many more beautiful things.

Elias Laurent

04/03/2020 Missed and appreciated, forever.

Jon Ryczek

27/01/2020 I first listened to Mick’s music in the 90s when I was starting out on bass long before I took up the fretless but I didn’t discover all that he created in art and music until recently. He is my favorite fretless bass player by far now. His music is like new found discovery now for me. I am sorry to hear of his passing he is one of the great players.

Sergio Bianchi

22/01/2020 My favourite bass player ever! Unforgettable Mick


04/01/2020 thank you for the music


04/01/2020 ‘I think about you every day’ Love you Mick x

Winnie Bee

03/01/2020 Mick - As we approach the anniversary of your passing - you were a unique artist with a singular voice! THanks for your contributions!

Julian Sahu

16/12/2019 Never forgotten Mick - saw you several times and met you at the launch of your sculpture exhibition. Seems such a long time ago and yet seems like yesterday. x

isbujang Saimon

28/11/2019 R.I.P Mick Karn,I'm a big fan of Japan in the 80's still listening & enjoy the music so much...very sad you're gone to soon..


15/11/2019 Such a pity I came across his music only so late. An enormous talent and a great figure. Wish the best to his family

Andrew d Williams

30/10/2019 SO MUCH LOVE


27/10/2019 Forever in our minds and in our hearts.For the Poetry in a Bassline...Miss you.


21/10/2019 Last year I stumbled across a cheap penguin souvenir statue and it reminded me of Mick's Penguin Cafe and his death... it made me feel profound sadness. I'm 15 now and Mick's playing and Japan as a whole have played such a large role in the last few years of my life. I recognize something profound in their music, a sort of melancholy, like looking at the world from a distance. I think it's because of the sparse instrumentation in Japan's music, and of course the lyrics. I also love the picture where Mick points to the phrase "food for thought" on a cereal box with one finger and to his forehead with another. You know which one I mean :)

Guy Briguglio

18/10/2019 sad to discover by chance Micks passing.....what an amazing artist with a truly enduring and original pioneering sound.His "sound" lasts forever...and all us fans can take comfort that in this way he is immortal!!!


16/10/2019 Sadly missed after all these years. Japan shaped my youth, from the age of 12 in 1982, I was totally mesmerised by Mick’s phenomenal bass playing. My sisters boyfriend drove me from Yorkshire down to London when I was just 13 to see Japan play at Hammersmith Odeon. I was crazy about them. An experience that lives with me today. I was mesmerised by Mick’s playing and “floating” across the stage. Japan carried me through my moody, angst teenage years. Though I follow new bands, music fills my house constantly and I still listen to Japan and Mick’s music to this day.. .Thank you. ❤️